Before there was “Wicked” there was “The Wizard of Oz.” The cinematic icon has since spurred remakes, spin-offs, and other storytelling over the years that are associated with this classic.

While we’ve enjoyed many a story set in the same universe, there is nothing quite like the original.

Photo: YouTube/Oriel Malik

No matter how many years pass, that film with Judy Garland will always hold a special kind of magic.

The Wizard of Oz first came out on August 25, 1939. Since then, it’s just continued to endear generation after generation.

Photo: YouTube/Oriel Malik

And now, that there is a 4K version of it, it’s like watching a brand new movie for the first time. The 4K really makes all the details and everything come to life. It shows what a cinematic masterpiece it truly was.

Of course, the 4K makes one very iconic scene that bit more spectacular to watch: the moment when Dorothy meets the Scarecrow for the first time.

Photo: YouTube/Oriel Malik

Personally, when it comes to old movies or musicals, that scene will always be one of my favorites because of the song and the dancing, and of course, the cuteness that is Toto just taking it all in.

Check out the 4K version of Dorothy meeting the Scarecrow in the clip below:

Did you enjoy The Wizard of Oz? Have you seen this clip before? Let us know!

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