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21 Strangely Enchanting Grocery Store Photos from the Old Days

We can’t say we miss everything about the old grocery stores since we can get our shopping done a lot faster these days. Still, there is something about knowing your meat guy or the cheese man that we certainly can’t say is common these days.


Clark’s Drug and Grocery, 1963. Via/ Flickr

Library of Congress

Check out the signs for the “Free gifts” in this 1941 grocer’s window. Via/ Library of Congress


Shopping spree winners, 1965. Via/ Flickr

State Archives of Florida

Look at the meal ideas displayed as bunting, 1948. Via/ State Archives of Florida

Library of Congress

Home grocery, 1938. Via/ Library of Congress


We don’t see uniforms like these anymore! 1987. Via/ Flickr

Library of Congress

1920s grocery shopping. Via/ Library of Congress

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