In 1962, Barbara Lynn had a choice to make: start college or record her own music in an attempt to “make it” in the industry. She went into the recording studio with a very clear plan. If the music thing didn’t work out then she would start college as soon as possible.

One of her first songs was Lynn’s smash hit “You’ll Lose a Good Thing” which went to the top ten on the pop charts and hit #1 on the R & B charts. The tune has since become a soul standard and the mellow rhythm means that it’s a slow dance classic. Lynn would have other hits to follow, but she largely retired for decades before recording again and going on tour in the 1980s. Her left-handed guitar playing was not only unusual then, it’s pretty unique to this day! Hear this wonderful oldie again in the clip below from the TV show, The !!!! Beat, in 1966 – a rare color music show which only recored one season.