These 1962 Dance Crazes Will Have You Stepping to the Beat!

They don’t make songs like this anymore or the dances to go with them!

We all know the Loco-motion, but some of us may not know some of the more obscure dances unless they were popular where you grew up. Regional dance moves sometimes gained national attention, say if they were performed on American Bandstand, for instance. But, they sometimes never became worldwide or even nationwide dance crazes. Of course, there were so many dances in the 1960s, it seemed like there was a new one every day almost. This film clip from British Pathé focuses on the dances popular in London, but they are doing all the same dances we were doing stateside at the time, including a few that started out as regional dances. In this video we get to see four of the hottest 1962 dance moves performed by a group of enthusiastic youngsters. Which of these dances is your favorite?

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