1960s Slang We Remember Well!

Do you remember all these groovy terms?

We grew up with so many new slang words, not only because kids love to use slang, but also because the ’60s were a time of changing social attitudes, and modern inventions that had never been seen before- not to mention that slang was spread quicker than ever before thanks to television. Kids today might not know all these terms, but we remember them well!

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Alright: in agreement whole-heartedly.

Around the Bend: to go crazy.

Bad Scene: a place or event which is unpleasant.

Beat It: to leave quickly.

Bogart: to hog something.

Catch Some Rays: to lay out or go sunbathing.

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Chrome Dome: someone who is bald.

Clued In: to be informed or to have the facts.

Decked Out: to be dressed to the nines.

Dibs: to lay claim to something.

Electric: something that was psychedelic.

Fake Out: to deceive or prank someone.

For real: truly, indeed.

Go-go: related to or dancing in nightclubs.

Groovy: something that is very good or correct.

Head Rush: fast-acting effect from drugs.

Jamming: improvisational music session.

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Kiss Off: a declaration that someone should leave or stop what they’re doing.

Lay It On Me: to inform or give someone something.

Main Squeeze: boyfriend or girlfriend.

No Biggie: not of great concern.

Off the Wall: strange or unusual.

Plastic: fake or unreal.

Righteous:to be good or with it.

Sock It to Me: to give information or get something off your chest.

Thick: to be naive or not so bright.

Vibes: someone’s demeanor or aura.

Zonked Out: to be very tired from lack of or worn out from drug use.

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