Mermaid Hair Is Not a New Trend – Look Back to 1956!

We had no idea these hair colors were around back then.

There’s no denying that unicorn and mermaid hairstyles are popular now – with their shimmering colors that shift from blues to purples to pinks and beyond. But, did you know this “fad” goes all the way back to the 1950s?

The bright colors which we so often think of as youthful for the modern era actually were being used in this 1950s as seen in this British Pathé film reel. You’d be surprised at the color combinations they came up with: pink and purple, black and green, silver and blue. We love that the narratiro states that the colors will “most often” wash right out!

This trend wasn’t exactly taking the world by storm back then, but it’s interesting that women were experimenting with their hair like this decades before it became a well known phenomenon. Have a look below and be sure to check out the makeup shop that time forgot by clicking “Next Page” after the video.