1935 Clip Shows That The First Ventiplanes Were Marketed to Keep Hair In Order!

The elegant hairstyles of the ’30s certainly demanded some care.

The idea was that the smaller windows would provide ventilation without disturbing women’s carefully styled hairstyles. These ingenious quarter-glass windows (also sometimes called ventiplanes) were always so great in the summer to direct the airflow wherever it was needed most. Sadly, with our climate-controlled cars these days, there’s no room for designs so simple. It’s one of the many things we miss about old cars!

This Chevrolet commercial from 1935 shows a trio of lovely models with perfectly coiffed hair in 3 elaborate “new” hairstyles stepping out for the evening. This short would have been shown along with the newsreels at the movies, hence the news-like approach that this short takes. Have a look in the fun video below. And, if you enjoyed this then be sure the click “Next Page” at the bottom for a look at the space-age 1957 Edsel!