Fannie Ratchford was a keen photographer and librarian working at the University of Texas in Austin during the early part of the 20th century. In the 1930s she set out to document the buildings of Old Texas that were still standing, relics from another century mostly deserted, though some were still inhabited. Have a look below at these incredible Texas homes and missions from the 1800s as photographed by someone with a very keen eye for history.

San Francisco De La Espada Mission, San Antonio, Texas, 1936. Via/ Flickr
“Rice Stage Coach Inn,” built in 1833 later converted to a barn, Crockett, Texas, 1935. Via/ Flickr
D’Hanis, Texas, 1935. Via/ Flickr
De Los Santos Home, Calaveras, Texas, 1935. Via/ Flickr
Thomas Jefferson Chambers’ House, detail of star window, Anahuac, Texas, 1936. Via/ Flickr

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