This Cheesecake Recipe From the 18th Century Has No Cheese!

What is a cheesecake with no cheese? Watch this 18th century recipe and see for yourself. Better yet, try this recipe at home!

If you thought cheesecake depended solely on cream cheese for its flavor, then you’ve clearly never tried this recipe. Well, we won’t swear that this tastes just like any cheesecake you’re used to, but it sure does look delicious! The main ingredient is one you’d never guess for a sweet treat, but one that happens to go well with sugar. This recipe relies heavily on butter, so you know it will be tasty! The crust is more for show and to gauge when it’s done, but the flavor seems like a great change of pace, with a little bit of nutmeg to deepen the flavor and add a kick. Don’t forget: nutmeg was seen as a very posh ingredient once upon a time. This 18th century recipe is a unique spin on a classic recipe that we often think of purely as 20th century! We wonder what all the housewives during rationing would have thought about this recipe. Have a look at the video below.

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