18 Quilting Bee Photos That Showcase A World Lost to Time

These photos hail from an era of real community and craftsmanship.

While people don’t get together to quilt like the Old Days, we’re glad the art of quilting hasn’t been lost. But, these photos show another time when community meant you would roll up your sleeves and get to work to help your neighbors!

“Quilting at the Florida Folk Festival – White Springs, Florida, 1957.” Via/State Archives of Florida
Quilting bee in Minnesota, 1975. Via/Flickr
Utah, 1940. Via/Library of Congress
“Members of the women’s club making quilt. Granger Homesteads, Iowa, 1940.” Via/ Library of Congress
Quilting a the Florida Folk Festival, 1982. Via/ State Archives of Florida
Quilting inside a smokehouse, 1941. Via/ Library of Congress

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