The grand old train stations that were built around the turn of the century are often a perfect mixture of function and beauty. The arched ceilings, high windows, carved stone, and public works of art are perennially photogenic. They remind us of a time when we used rode trains a lot more. Have a look at these 16 gorgeous images of old train stations from all over the world.

Unknown train station. Via/ Library of Congress
Union Station, St. Louis, MO, 1895. Via/ Flickr
Union Station, Chicago, IL, 1943. Via/ Library of Congress
Gare de Lyon in France 1980, 80 years after it was built. Via/ Wiki Commons
Union Station in Louisville, KY, most likely after the flood of 1937. Via/ Library of Congress
Detail of stained glass at the Union Station in Louisville, KY. Via/ Library of Congress
French tanks outside railway station in Essen, Germany, during WWI. Via/ Library of Congress
Dudley Station, Boston, MA, 1929.

Via/ Flickr

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