Flapper at the radio. Via/ Library of Congress
Trying to catch a street car. Via/ Flickr
Fashionable young ladies walking down the street, 1928. Via/ Flickr
Model in a Chanel gown. Via/ Flickr

Along with the clandestine nature of speakeasies and blind tigers came the thrill of a brand new style of music called jazz. The new dances and nightlife that went with the sensational music created a youth culture based in excess and excitement, two things the Temperance Movement sought to suppress. But, there was no keeping these gals from having a grand old time!

Flapper on board a ship. Via/ Wiki Commons
Flapper slipping a flask into her boot. Via/ Wiki Commons
Flapper with a fan. Via/ Library of Congress
Doing the Charleston in Washington D.C. Via/ Library of Congress
Flapper en pointe. Via/ Flickr