15 Stunning Photos Of Fashionable Flapper Girls From The Jazz Era

The roaring ’20s is a time often glamorized in movies and flapper girl fashions were some of the most distinctive looks of the Jazz Era. So, we thought it would be great fun to take a look at some photographs from the era and see just what those fashionable flapper gals were wearing (and what they were getting up to).

Three flappers hike their skirts

Three flappers revealing their knees. Via/ Flickr

flapper in winter gear

This is what flapper winter gear looked like in 1923. Via/ Library of Congress

Two flappers in summer dresses

Two flappers in summer dresses. Via/ Flickr

1928 flapper organist

Flapper organist in 1928. Check out that short hair! Via/ Library of Congress

When the 18th Amendment made Prohibition law in 1920 folks across the nation protested by finding ways to drink anyways. And this was especially true of the daring young women who favored short dresses, short hair, and the independence of a modern mindset.

two lovely flappers

Two lovely flappers. Via/ Flickr

flapper at the radio

Flapper at the radio. Via/ Library of Congress

flapper trying to catch a street car

Trying to catch a street car. Via/ Flickr

Fashionable young ladies walking down the street

Fashionable young ladies walking down the street, 1928. Via/ Flickr

model in Chanel gown

Model in a Chanel gown. Via/ Flickr

Along with the clandestine nature of speakeasies and blind tigers came the thrill of a brand new style of music called jazz. The new dances and nightlife that went with the sensational music created a youth culture based in excess and excitement, two things the Temperance Movement sought to suppress. But, there was no keeping these gals from having a grand old time!

flapper on board a ship

Flapper on board a ship. Via/ Wiki Commons

flapper slipping a flask into her boot

Flapper slipping a flask into her boot. Via/ Wiki Commons

Flapper with fan

Flapper with a fan. Via/ Library of Congress

doing the Charleston in Washington D.C.

Doing the Charleston in Washington D.C. Via/ Library of Congress

flapper en pointe

Flapper en pointe. Via/ Flickr

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