13 Things You Won’t Believe Were Once Made From Bakelite

We never expected that these items could be made from this versatile material.

It has been said that you can use Bakelite for almost anything and these examples prove that they really did try back in the ’30s and ’40s! From toys to dental tools, you won’t believe the things that were once made of Bakelite!

1) Coffee Grinders

Back in the day companies made coffee grinders to be objects of beauty!

Via/ Wiki Commons

2) Razors

It’s no shock that Bakelite was used for safety razors, but it just seems a shame that we don’t make everyday objects as lovely to look at as they did back then.

Via/ Wiki Commons

3) Crib Toys

Let’s not forget the kids! These crib toys were made from Bakelite beads strung together. They would certainly never be approved for kids these days!

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4) Vibrola Guitar

What a beauty! It’s a wonder we don’t see more vintage instruments made from Bakelite. These were made by the Rickenbacker Company from 1937 to 1941.

Via/ Wiki Commons

5) Grenades

Shown below is a German grenade casing from World War II, but Bakelite was also used in the production of English grenades as well.

Via/ Wiki Commons

6) Napkin Rings

Literally anything could be made from Bakelite! This Scottie dog napkin ring is so adorable.

Via/ Wiki Commons

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