13 Surprising Facts About John Wayne That Reveal His True Character

Even if you think you know a lot about a celebrity- there’s always more to the story!

From The Searchers to Rio Bravo to True Grit, John Wayne never failed to astound us with his acting. His strong personality and renowned generosity were said to have been some of his greatest characteristics- both on and off the screen. But, there are quite a few facts about America’s favorite cowboy that you might not have known. Read on for 13 surprising facts about John Wayne.

1) Winston Churchill

Wayne looked up to Winston Churchill and owned many of his writings.

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2) He Was Very Superstitious

Wayne hated hats on left on beds or salt passed directly to him at the table, for instance.

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3) Nickname

He got his nickname of Duke from the family dog growing up. His real name was Marion Morrison.

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4) Surfing Got Him Into Acting

If Wayne hadn’t been injured in a surfing accident in the 1920s it is likely that he wouldn’t have become an actor. The shoulder injury he sustained while surfing meant that he lost his football scholarship in college and had to take a job to make ends meet- as a prop boy at Fox Studios where he was soon put in front of the camera instead of behind it.

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