Sometimes the simplest solutions are right in front of us all along. Some of the most clever tricks around the house don’t involve any special equipment, which is something we love! Not having to buy more things and being able to work with what you already have are pretty dang useful and economical – which is exactly how we like to run our household! Have a look these 12 simple and handy life hacks for making your chores a breeze.

12) Light a Candle

Use a stick of dry spaghetti to light a candle that’s too deep for a lighter or match.

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11) Hold a Nail

Use a clothes pin to hold a nail while hammering it into the wall. Doing this saves your delicate fingers and makes sure the nail goes in straight.

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10) Make a Seedling Pot

Use empty toilet paper rolls as a seedling starter. Simply cut a little larger than the depth you need and fold the sides in for a compostable container.

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9) To Help You Cook

Hold your cookbook or magazine with a pants hanger hung from the cabinet pulls to keep your hands free for cooking and your recipe right at eye level.

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8) Protect Against Drips

Use a foil cupcake wrapper as a guard against a dripping popsicle.

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7) Save Your Bottles

By saving and reusing your old ketchup and sauce bottles you can always have the ideal (and mess-free) pancake batter dispenser at hand. Plus, they come in really handy for making your own sauces (like homemade chipotle mayo).

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