12 Old-Fashioned Terms For Everyday Things

When you stop and think about, the words we use are changing!

We all have these little idiosyncratic ways of speaking. It might be because of where we live, but so many times it’s also generational. These old-fashioned words were once the norm, but now have fallen out of use. Read on to take a trip down memory lane with the words for things we heard growing up.

1) Safety Razor

Via/ Internet Archive

We grew up calling them safety razors because compared to the straight razors of olden days they were so much safer. Most people today simply call them razors and leave the “safety” off because they’ve never used a straight razor (or maybe never even seen one used).

2) Clicker

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Ah, remember the days when remote controls were brand new and high tech? Like so many electronics back then they were push button and made a satisfying click sound.

3) Galoshes

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How many of you grew up using this word to describe rain boots? Some young people today don’t even know this word!