These 12 Gorgeous Quilts From Our Community Were All Done By Hand!

These gorgeous quilts were hand quilted by you – our wonderfully talented readers!

If you’ve ever embarked on a hand quilting adventure, then you know the pitfalls all too well; from skipped and crooked stitches, to puckered fabric and visible knots, the struggle is real! However, if you manage to stick with it, you will also know the victory of completing a masterpiece by hand. That is certainly something worth celebrating! Here are 12 gorgeous quilts that were hand quilted by you – our wonderfully talented readers! They just might inspire you to ditch the machine and quilt by hand…

What have you been working on lately? Share a photo with us in the comments below for a change to appear in our next article!

Graduation Quilt

hand quilt 1.2
From quilter, Anita Brown: “My mother hand stitched these squares for a quilt for my daughter’s graduation in 1996. A few years ago I found them and ask my mother if I could could put the quilt together. I added the strips and the trim by machine and my mother and I hand quilted it. It took 20 years to make it but we are happy with how it turned out. ”

Reversible Quilt

hand quilt 2
From the quilter: “Made this reversible quilt for my son. Grey and blacks on one side, bright colored on the other.”
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A Whale Of A Quilt

hand quilt 3
From quilter, Diana Kauzlaric Wright: “I made this quilt for a friend`s first grandson. The whales are appliquéd with fusible bond and stitched. I did waves in hand-quilting for the background.”

Ladies Of The Sea Quilt

hand quilt 4
From quilter, Robyn Phelps: “Sue Garman pattern, hand appliqué by Robyn Phelps quilted by Margaret Gunn. This took almost two years to complete.”
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