Years ago, Christmas was simpler, filled with more cards and visits from loved ones, and more of the older traditions. Feast days were important for many of us, and Mom knew how to make a really yummy fruitcake.

6) Christmas Cards

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Along with other kinds of letters, it seems there are fewer Christmas cards sent these days. But, years ago we used to get dozens. It was so wonderful to see all the cards lined up on a bookshelf or taped up where everyone could see how many people wished us a happy Christmas.

5) Homemade Fruitcake

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This holiday treat gets a bad wrap because there’s nothing more festive than a well-done homemade fruitcake. Every body had their own recipe that made it special.

4) St. Lucia Day

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An older tradition that’s now fallen by the wayside in most American towns is Saint Lucia’s Day. December 13th, made a feast day in the 6th century, this festival of lights often came with a procession of candle crowns and girls dressed in white and delicious sweet treats.

3) St. Nicholas’ Day

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Who else remembers putting your shoes in the hallway or by your bed and hoping St. Nick would bring you treats on December 6th? The tradition is no longer celebrated in many American homes. Naughty children were supposed to get ashes in their shoes instead of treats, but we never heard of anyone getting anything but nuts, coins, and fruit.

2) An Orange in Your Stocking

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When you got up on Christmas morning, there was nothing quite running to your stocking to find a juicy, ripe orange inside! This was a very special treat back then! Of course we had candy, too, but we didn’t always have fresh oranges. The smell of oranges at Christmas is a special memory.

1) Advent Candles

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Like the Advent calendar, watching the candles be lit one by one meant that Christmas was really going to happen soon! Looking back, it’s hard to tell if the anticipation was more exciting than Christmas day.

We still get really excited about Christmas. Who doesn’t love the lights, the good food, and the excitement of giving and receiving gifts? Things may have been done a little differently back then, and we still miss some of the old traditions. But, Christmas will always be the season of cheer. What are some of your favorite Christmas memories? Let us know in the comments.