Check Out These 11 Fabulous TV Moms – They Always Made Us Feel Special!

These TV moms made us feel like we would have been welcome at their houses any time!

There were so many great television shows on back in the Good Old Days. We’ve all got our favorites, but there are some that just really stick with you because of how happy they made you feel. When you’d see the family all together on screen, with the mom making food or getting someone out of a tough jam, you almost wished you could pop over to their house for just one family dinner with them. It was the mothers on TV that really made the shows what they are. Here are our favorite 11 TV moms of all time.

1) Donna Stone

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On the Donna Reed Show, she was the glue that held everything together and she did it with a smile. Donn Reed’s character of Donna Stone was sweet but never sappy.

2) Lucille Ball

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While she showed us time and again that she wasn’t the one to sew a dress from scratch or even make dinner, Lucy still seemed like she would have been a hoot to have for a mom! Just think of all the hijinks to witness up close. She was the funny, stylish, city mom.

3) Elizabeth Montgomery

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While all our mothers are magic, how many of us wished our moms really did have supernatural powers? Samantha Stephens not only was as smart as a whip, but also had great fashion sense, and could move heaven and earth with her nose to boot!

4) Lily Munster

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Unconventional though she may have been, Lily Munster was always thinking of her family or getting them something to eat from huge antique irons pots simmering in the kitchen. She put her family first in nearly every situation.

5) Michael Learned

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As a mother to 7 kids, Mrs. Walton had her hands full but she made it work. And, since family is focus of The Waltons, it makes sense that her character is a strong source of support for the people she loves so much.

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