11 Incredible Photos from History That Just Might Surprise You!

These photos capture unusual moments in the 20th century!

There are so many moments in history that command our attention. Whether it’s a major event or just a very interesting moment in time, these photos capture history being made. And, some of them might just just surprise you! Have a look at these 11 incredible historic photos that will make you think.

11) Soldier-saving Great Dane from WWII

Before the mdoern dog who ride the bus all by himself, this Great Dane was saving soldiers lives in World War II, in Cape Town, South Africa. This dog reportedly would board trains by himself and drag drunken soldiers through the streets to their quarters (and safety).

Via/ Australian War Memorial

10) Women’s Land Army from 1918

These joyous women are part of the Women’s Land Army, formed during World War I and modeled on the British Women’s Land Army. The WLA provided much needed agricultural support while the troops were fighting overseas.

Via/ U.S.

National Archives

9) FDR Toga Party

Who knew that President Franklin D. Roosevelt could party so hard?

Via/ U.S.

National Archives

8) Salvador Dali and Cats

Photographer Philipe Halsman’s cats and water image captures the bizarre nature of the artist Salvador Dali, 1948.

Via/ Library of Congress

7) 1889 Seattle Fire

This historic conflagration was devastating because it caught so rapidly. Here we see the fire in the early stages.

Via/ Library of Congress

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