100 Years Of Life-Changing Home Innovations

From radios to washing machines, a lot has changed in the past 100 years!


It’s amazing to think of how far we’ve come with technology in regards to the home computer. What was once a big, cumbersome appliance consisting of multiple parts can now fit in your pocket! Having a home computer was a huge deal in the ’80s.

From: Wiki Commons


Whether you had one or not, you can probably picture what cell phones were like in the ’90s. Big, heavy things that wouldn’t fit in your pocket (and most of them had antennas), being able to call someone on-the-go was quite the luxury. Who would’ve thought that within twenty years, more people would have cell phones than home phones.


Looking at the leap we made from the aforementioned home computer to the laptop, it’s hard to argue this as the choice for the 2000s. In fact, you might be reading this list on a laptop! The tool that’s brought so many of us the ability to work and shop from the comfort of our homes, watch cat videos, and build a digital music collection rounds out our list of innovations of the past 100 years. Which one was your favorite?