100 Year Old Message In A Bottle Found, Returned To Sender’s Grandson!

Can you imagine receiving a 100-year-old message from your grandmother? That’s exactly what happened to Eric Schiebold. When a local diver noticed the bottle buried at the bottom of a Michigan river, the message inside was still legible, which started a bit of a media circus. Schiebold noticed that one of the authors of the message had the same name as his grandmother and, sure enough, soon discovered that the message was indeed written by her!

“I feel like I just stepped back into this other era and I’m learning so much about my family’s history,” Schiebold’s cousin Janet Baccanari said. “Because who thinks of their grandma as a 22-year-old?” What we do at 22 is so much different than what we’re doing at 70. They were probably laughing and put the bottle in as a joke.”

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