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10 Strange But True Pain Remedies That Grandma Taught Us!

Put An Onion In Your Ear

While there is little scientific evidence of why or how this works, mommy bloggers and parents everwhere have raved about the miracle ear ache cure that comes from onions. The method is simple. Heat up an onion and press it against your ear. You can also heat up the onion and take out the center and stick that into your ear. People claim that nothing would soothe thier child until the warm onion treatment was given.

Chew On Garlic For A Toothache

While this will certainly give you some lovely garlic breath, the price might be worth it if you’re suffering from a toothache. The idea is to chew on a peeled garlic clove or rest the clove on the aching spot to reduce the pain. This method works because garlic kills the bacteria in your mouth, which may be the underlying cause of the soreness. If the garlic is too strong, try mixing it with some peanutbutter and applying that on the tooth for a few minutes beore rinsing off.

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