10 Valuable Things You (Hopefully) Didn’t Throw Out

5) Hooked Rugs

In good condition hooked rugs can be a big seller in vintage shops since the designs are very unique to the eras in which they were made. Even very small rugs can sometimes bring $50-$100 and larger ones can bring many hundreds of dollars!

4) Old Typewriters

If they are broken or missing keys then the value can be affected, but vintage typewriters, even if they are rarely used these days, usually sell very well. Many typewrites consistently sell around for $50-$100 and can go much higher depending on the age, condition, and model.

3) Cowboy Hats

In good condition, vintage beaver cowboy hats can sell for $50-$150 each. So, if you’ve got a bunch from a long gone relative that you know you’ll never wear it might be time to consider selling them!

2) Piggy Banks

Gone are the days when spare change (collected over time) actually had some buying power. And, some of the more common ceramic piggy banks may not hold much monetary value. But, rare ceramic bnk or moving cast iron coin banks can be a jackpot depending on the model.

1) Old Tools

From tradesman’s tools to vintage hand-crank drills and iron planes, vintage tools can fetch quite a good price. And, things like early Dremels can be collectible because of their Bakelite or Catalin handles.

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