10 Classic Thanksgiving Recipes That Remind Us of Holidays Growing Up

These staples of the Thanksgiving dinner table are classics, no matter which recipe you follow!

We all have our favorites at Thanksgiving, those special dishes that just really make the holiday meal even more delicious. The recipes that we’ve been using for generations are a part of what makes the holidays so special. Here are 10 of our favorite dishes for Thanksgiving, all of them classics, and all of them delicious.

1) Stuffing

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There are so many ways to do stuffing, it seems hardly anyone agrees on the “right” recipe. It’s really just down to what your family in particular likes the most. A classic sage stuffing is always good and it’s one of five recipes on this pageto choose from.

2) Cranberry Sauce

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For those who really love cranberry sauce, homemade is just the way to go. This recipe adds a pop of orange for a more dynamic flavor. What would turkey be without the cranberry sauce?

3) Pumpkin Pie

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This old-fashioned recipe calls for molasses, which was an ingredient that very often got tossed out in updated recipes and wasn’t even an ingredient in the classic 1950 Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book recipe. But, you just can’t beat the flavor that molasses adds.

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4) Green Bean Casserole

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This wonderful dish was first created in 1955 by the Campbell’s Soup Company and is so popular today that the company estimates that 40% of the cream of mushroom soup they sell goes into making this holiday side dish. This recipe adds a little something extra that makes it special.

5) Creamed Peas and Potatoes

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Some folks make this one with pearl onions and peas instead. But, my mother always made it with “new” potatoes if possible for a really delicate flavor. This makes a great alternative to green bean casserole, but it’s an old-fashioned recipe. Most people nowadays don’t make this one anymore, but it’s due for a comeback! Recipe here.

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