12 Surprising Facts About M*A*S*H

One of our favorite TV shows of all time, this classic ran for more years than the Korean War did. But, there are a few facts you probably didn’t know about this fantastic show and the actors who starred on it. Read on to find out 12 surprising facts about M*A*S*H.

Via/ Wikimedia Commons

4) Keeping Them In-check

Cast members’ complaints about the script were kept in check through creative writing. Scenes portraying winter despite the hot California weather were written into the script after grievances and big personalities got out of hand. After a few episodes of broiling in parkas and the cast was set straight.

3) By Any Other Name

“Hotlips” wasn’t her only nickname, on-set sometimes fellow actors called Loretta Swit “Switheart.”

2) So Many Spin-offs

There were three spin-offs to the show, Trapper John, MD, AfterMASH, and W*A*L*T*E*R, the latter of which only made it to the pilot stage of production.

1) Record Breaker

The final episode broke records on viewer numbers up to that point in history. But, for viewer ratings, this show still holds the record!

This show will always be one of our go-to shows. We hope you enjoyed reading about the fun history of this program. There really isn’t another show that compares to M*A*S*H, as evidenced by how popular the show is even to this day!

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