Sometimes we need to update our decor a bit. But, when you have little to no extra budget for home decor that can be tricky. These affordable shabby chic decor ideas don’t take a ton of money, but boy will they breathe some much needed life into your space! Have a look below at these 10 great decor projects that won’t break the bank.

Wallpapered Blinds

For this tutorial she didn’t even take the slats off the strings! This is only ideal for 1.5″ or 2″ blinds as any smaller and you wouldn’t be able to see the design. This is a wonderful way to use up the remainder of a roll of wallpaper while adding a unique touch to your room.

Decoupaged Tin Can Lanterns

These wonderful tin can lanterns are made by decoupaging fabric onto tin cans. Wire is added through the sides, you can use a punch set to make the holes. Who doesn’t have tin cans and some extra fabric lying around?!

Homemade Hooks

If you have some old cabinet pulls lying around and a piece of scrap wood you can make a custom rack of hooks for yourself.

Doily Lanterns

These are a snap to make. Use old glass jars for this project – they don’t even have to be Mason jars – you could use old spaghetti sauce jars! Wrap with a paper doily on each side and secure with double-stick tape or a length of twine before adding a tealight. We’ve also seen these made with vintage doilies and spray glue as well.

Doily Bowl

If you have fabric stiffener or Modge Podge, a balloon, and a doily, you can make this lovely lace bowl at home. Check out the how-to in the video below.

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