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10 Incredible Predictions Of The Past That Came True!

The Atomic Bomb

Another literarly prediction by the famous author H.G. Wells in his 1914 novel, “The World Set Free.” He wrote about a city-destroying “atomic bomb.” Almost thirty years prior to the Manhattan Project designing the atomic bomb in 1942, Wells couldn’t have known how the detonation could happen, but he knew that if we figured out how to blow up the radioactive elements simultaneously, the result would be catostrophic.

Organ Transplants

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

in 1666, Robert Boyle predicted that one day we would be able to transplant organs from one body into anoyher one. Back in the time when “magic” was more common than medicine, his idea was more than a little forward thinking, and others didn’t know what to make of his claim. Throughout the 1660’s, Robert made many predictions that ended up coming true at one point or another. He even predicted GPS as a “practicable and certain way of finding longitudes.”

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