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Our 10 Favorite Collectibles of All Time- Some Things Never Go Out of Style

We often hear about how the value and desirability of certain antiques and collectibles has gone down or gone up. But, we’ve found that collecting what you love and what is classic will bring more joy and will often be a better investment. And, let’s face it- there are a few items that just never seem to go out of style. Here are 10 of our favorite antiques and collectibles.

1) Hoosier Cabinets

Our 10 Favorite Collectibles and Antiques

Submitted by Shannon Pierce Bradshaw

These useful cabinets were once the height of luxury for the kitchen. There are so many styles, from oak to steel. One reason we love them so much is that these pieces are still so very useful. And we’re not the only ones who think so!

2) Hummel Figurines

Our 10 Favorite Collectibles and Antiques

Submitted by Joan Landry

These can certainly be a niche market, but these little guys just remind us of growing up, probably because everyone’s mom or grandma seemed to have a collection.

3) Uranium Glass

Our 10 Favorite Collectibles and Antiques

Image taken at Seattle Antiques Market

There are few forms of pressed glass as cool as the radioactive ones! The terms Vaseline and uranium glass are often used interchangeably. We just love these unique pieces. They may look like Depression glass, but they are quite different.

4) Vintage Aprons

Something that will always remind us of grandma- a sweet vintage apron. With so many styles and patterns over the years, these lovely pieces can add a dash of color to the kitchen quite easily. And, they’re usually easy to find for a good price at most any flea market or antique store.

5) Coca Cola Memorabilia

Our 10 Favorite Collectibles and Antiques

Via/ Flickr

The prices go up and down, but the demand is almost always there for these American classics. From trays to glasses to signs to clocks, there is no shortage of Coca-Cola merchandise. But, we love it. And, nothing else looks quite the same as the vintage Coca-Cola advertisements!

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