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What Can You Make With Saltines? 9 Clever Recipes from the Great Depression

Most of us have heard stories about saltines during the Depression. We’ve heard of folks who would order a cup of hot water at a diner then mix in ketchup and saltines to make something like tomato soup. We’ve also read stories of how saltines were often set on the counter in restaurants, like bowls of nuts in a bar and folks would order one cheap thing and then fill up on crackers. But, these recipes take it a step further by trying to feed a whole family. And the ways in which they used scant ingredients were truly amazing.

Saltines in Milk Instead of Cereal

We’ve only ever had it with a bit of sugar on top, but we’ve also heard stories of people who added salt and pepper to the mixture. It’s a good replacement for cereal because the texture is very satisfying.

Fried Tomato Cakes

Simple to make and oh so cheap, these tomato fritters get their body from saltines. And what a great way to make a side dish from tomatoes when they are abundantly in season and everyone’s garden is overflowing with them. Anything made into a fritter we are certainly game to try!

9 Ingenious Recipes Using Crackers from the Great Depression

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Buttered Saltines for a Snack

Who else grew up eating these? They were so yummy and really comforting for a snack food! We’ve also seen them dipped in condensed milk. Both are so delicious. And, you really can’t beat the price.

9 Ingenious Recipes Using Crackers from the Great Depression

Via/ Flickr

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