Featured Member Antiques: February 4th

One of the nice things about social media is that it helps form a community of people with shared interests.  At Dusty Old Thing we all love antiques and everything vintage.  People post on our Facebook page and we get to not only say "Wow!" or "What is it?" but community members can often help each other out with information.  That was the case with this wonderful tall antique clock posted by Norma Rush.  It has been in her family for four generations and she asked if anyone knew anything about it.  The name Samuel Kevner is written on the clock face.

Notice the fine detailing on the bonnet, the fantastic finials, the painted moon phase dial, and the slender columns on each side of the door.  It also works. 

One of our good community members, Sharon, found a similar case clock online.  It had sold at auction in 2006 and was also inscribed Samuel Kevner.  The auction house had dated it as late 18th century and made in Pennsylvania!   We'd like to thank Sharon for that research and Norma for posting it for us all to enjoy.  It's so nice that a wonderful American antique with such a long history could be passed down in one family for so many generations.  

Growing up, our family had an old cuckoo clock that generally was only set and wound before boyfriends arrived to "court" or when company had stayed too long. :)  Those of us who love clocks that strike the hour know it can "take some getting used to".  We love this vintage Sessions mantle clock posted by Sharon Whitehead Smith.  Sharon's husband wasn't fond of the "gonging" so it is stopped a bit before midnight!  


 Dorothy Boulds writes,  "This clock ding donged for the first time since 1976. Our parents brought it with them from Germany. My sister had it in the clock shop for a few years while they fixed it and reconstructed the cabinet."   It's just amazing to know that something this large was brought from Germany.  Dorthy's parents clearly viewed it as special!  It's nice to know that it is again working. 

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of antiques!