Featured Member Antiques: January 26

Most of us loved rocking horses as children and their charm still draws those of us who love antiques. Sandra Socha shared this one with our Dusty Old Thing Facebook community.  She wrote: "I have always loved this little rocking horse. He is all wood underneath his Gesso exterior,put together with big wood dowels. His leather reins are missing. Has taken a bit of a beating over the years but is still a wonderful horse."   Thanks, again, Sandra for sharing him with us and for your contribution to our community.  


We think this closeup photo by Darlene Duplessis is going to encourage more of us to collect Vaseline Glass.  It is a duck on a nest, a covered dish.  The whole history of Vaseline Glass and Uranium Glass is extremely interesting and collector societies keep the appreciation current.  Thanks, again, Darlene.  


What is it?   Cheryl Parker wrote: "Bottle the size and shape of a peach. Does anyone know anything about this item. Please and Thank you!"   Ideas???   


Bed posted this fantastic antique bed, the kind many of us may remember sleeping in during visits to the homes of grandparents or other older family members.  Notice the fan-type designs on the headboard posts.  Thanks, Landfdesigns!  


This post card is the kind of very moving family treasure that warms all our hearts.  Jeanne Nagel wrote in her post on our Dusty Old Thing Facebook page:  "This was sent to my grandmother from her brother from France on 05-22-19. The handkerchief is tucked into the beautifully embroidered pocket which is sewn onto the cardboard postcard. I think it is amazing! I know these are not valuable price-wise, but it is priceless to me!"   And Thank You, Jeanne, for letting us share in this pricelessness.