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October 29 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Kathy Watson: “This beauty was given to me and I’d like to have some idea to its age. Any ideas?”

from: Cheryl Ferrara: “Does anyone know anything about this lamp? I got it over 10 years ago from a woman in her 90’s and she said it belonged to her mother. I have never seen another one like it.”

from: Linda Archer: “Yard sale find- old photo of Anheuser Busch brewery. Displayed in a history department at some point. Museum matting. Rather large photo. Wondering what it might be valued at? Thoughts?”

from: Blyth Robertson: “Picked this up recently├ľa Capodimonte centerpiece/vase. There is an ink stamped Capodimonte mark and words Made in Italy on the bottom, as well as an imprinted number: 1870. Can anyone provide any further info as to date of piece and possible value? Thanks so much!”

How Did Early 1900s Immigrants Live? One NYC Museum Aims to Tell the Story: Click “Next Page” below!

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