Featured Member Vintage Photos: June 3


“My Grandmother about age 4, 1889, Mabel Ann Hendersen.” — Donna Clarke

“This is my aunt at about 9 mos. She was born in 1901.” — Dana Henson

“My village, 1908.” — Jenny Pitts

“Camp Fire Girls being only too cool. 1918.” — Claire Vandenoever

“Old Salvation Army Band in the early 1900’s here in Portland, IN.” — Lois Grubb

“Depression time bank run . . . West Palm beach, FL – One of my Grandfather’s photos.” — Tommy Jenkins

The only thing we’re saying on this one is that it was posted by Sonny Sachs who knows his cowboys and his horses….no matter how old and dusty or….whatever… :)

Thanks to all of you who have shared your treasured photos with our antiques community. We may all love antiques, but we also like seeing what life was like so long ago and the people who passed their material culture on down to us.