Featured Member Antiques: September 7

In our continued quest to highlight our favorite dusty old things, here’s today’s installment oftreasures you’ve contributed to ourcommunity. If you’d like your antique to be included, please share a clear photo of the object on its own or in an uncluttered setting, along with a description, on our Facebook wall.

270639_411785258881945_1029089019_nStoneware ink bottle. –John Dickson

548246_480808371938833_255374549_nOval platter. On the back it is marked “Wreath…E. Walley” Edward Walley produced pottery in England 1845 – 1865. I’m guessing the reason it has survived for so long is that it is very heavy. It’s big enought to hold a turkey. –Jackie Tinsley

539526_10151199577360491_1514808391_nI have no idea what this is… bought it at a second hand store… anyone know what it is? –Janice Arsenault. View conversation here.

395319_459972297359290_545420108_nHere are some of my watch fobs. These came all on one chain. He was also a Republican that liked growing flowers and theater. –Larry Krayer

581607_4624832981716_323523464_nMy newest acquisition, a gift from my Mother-in-law. A Fenton Pink diamond pattern mini glass bell with lavender daisies. Signed C. Griffiths. Script “F” logo. –Sharon A. Whitehead Smith

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