Featured Member Antiques: August 15

It’s always a delight to see an antique or vintage child’s toy that is different than the kinds normally seen. Trudy Newcomb‘s riding horse toy is certainly one of those. Trudy writes that she has had it for years and never seen another one like it. We haven’t either. She’d like to know more about it. Can anyone help identify it? Do you think it was made by a manufacturing company or is the wooden body a piece of American folk art? Ideas?

As one of our readers said, “I’m so glad we don’t have to do laundry like that now!”. We’d like to thank Connie Gayer for posting this photo of her New World washing machine. It was made in Erie, Pennsylvania. We’re not sure of the date of this model but the wooden portions look very similar to those utilizing wooden tubs that were made by the company in the 1930’s. We are very fortunate that the laundry process has changed thanks to electricity and indoor plumbing!

In Home Ec classes in days gone by, girls, and sometimes the boys, “picked out” their ideal china, silver, crystal and table linens. Now we seek them out in estate sales and auctions. It was very nice to see Sharon Blazek‘s collection. She writes,

“Here’s some of my Fostoria displayed on my Grandmother Knight’s cut-work tablecloth with matching napkins.

Some of her Fostoria shown is the American pattern which was very popular in the 1950’s-60’s. We can also see some silver from post WWII. In the old days, a well-set table was important and good tablecloths were kept well pressed and ready. Thank you, Sharon, for helping bring back those memories.
Thank you to everyone who has posted to Dusty Old Thing. The weekend is almost here. It’s always a good time for “the hunt”.