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Our 15 Favorite Leading Ladies From Old Movies- They Don’t Make ‘Em Like This Anymore!

Whether you loved them for their fashion sense, their acting talent, or their breath-taking beauty, the starlets of the old movies just had a way of drawing us in, making each film more special. Perhaps it’s the clothing or the personas that the film studios helped to create. Any way you slice it, these actresses have always been our favorites!

8) Barbara Stanwyck

Fireball, Double Indemnity, Big Valley– we could go on. This spitfire actress had an unconventional look that always made her stand out from the crowd. And her acting skills were top notch!

7) Katharine Hepburn

Philadelphia Story and African Queen are two of her most classic films, but this screen legend made so many incredible performances throughout her life it would be hard to list them all! And there’s no one who could act like her!

6) Judy Garland

We all love Meet Me in St. Louis, but what film could honestly ever top Wizard of Oz? And Judy Garland is what made both films such hits (and so many other films over the years). She was underrated as a dancer, as you can see in this clip.

5) Ginger Rogers

Big eyes, a head for acting, and a phenomenal talent for dancing, Ginger Rogers will always be one of the best actresses of all time. Her dance scenes with Fred Astaire are still iconic all these decades later.

4) Audrey Hepburn

Truly a sweetheart of cinema the world over, Audrey Hepburn brought grace and composure to every project she worked on. And Roman Holiday and My Fair Lady will always some of the best movies to watch on a rainy afternoon! You can catch a classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene right here.

3) Marilyn Monroe

She was cast as the dumb blonde in nearly every film she was in, but truly nobody played it like she did. Marilyn Monroe brought brought definitive femininity to every role she was played and she will forever be a style icon! And if you want to find out some surprising facts about her click here.

2) Rita Hayworth

With that big smile and her amazing talent for song and dance, it’s no wonder that Rita Hayworth was one of the biggest stars of the ’40s and ’50s. We loved her in Gilda, Pal Joey, Cover Girl, and so many other films, including her take on the classic Joan Crawford character in Miss Sadie Thompson.

1) Elizabeth Taylor

Her roles in epic films like Cleopatra and Giant were rivaled by her roles in smaller pictures like Suddenly Last Summer. She was just so good in everything she starred in!

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