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9 Things We Used To Do in The Kitchen That You Don’t See Anymore

Making Coffee With A Percolator

Close your eyes for a minute, and try to remember the sound the percolator would make when someone was making coffee. That sweet smell would fill the air and the melodic popping of the percolator let the whole house know that your morning cup of joe was mere seconds away!

Using An Actual Cookbook


While it’s quite convenient to be able to pull up any recipe on your phone or iPad at a moment’s notice, there’s something we miss about flipping through an actual cook book. Feeling the pages in your hand as you search for that perfect recipe is something we definitely miss. *Bonus memory: how many of you remember the recipe cards? My mom had recipes written on everything and kept them in her well-worn recipe card box.

Churning Your Own Butter


Yet again, we’re glad we don’t have to solely rely on churning our own butter. Yet if you’ve ever had homemade butter, we doubt you’ll argue with us when we say that it just tastes better. Especially when you compare it to margarine; did any of you eat margarine growing up because it was supposedly healthier for you?

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