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8 Things You Inherited From Grandma That Are Actually Worth Money

You know when you’re gifted a hand-me-down from a loved one and you’re supposed to be excited about it, but mostly just feel like it’s contributing to the clutter in your house? Well this particular round-up is a list of things you’re likely to inherit from your grandmother that you’ll definitely want to look into. Whether you decide to hang onto them because of their sentimental value or functionality, take a look at what some of these things are worth – you could rake in a fair sum if you’ve got some of the following that are in good condition. Take a look and see for yourself!

1. Cocktail Shakers

Considering what a big part cocktails played in people’s social lives at the time, it’s no wonder people got extra creative with their cocktail shakers in the early 20th century. From J.A. Henckels Zeppelin shakers and International Silverplate Lighthouse shakers in the ‘20s (which can be worth up to almost $24,000!) to Revere Manhattan shakers (valued at $800) and West Virginia Specialty Glass lady’s leg shakers (valued around $1500) in the ‘30s, companies got really creative with these vessels, so if you find one in the attic that’s in good condition, definitely do some research and see what it’s worth!

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