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7 Old Kitchen Items We Wish We’d Never Gotten Rid Of

4) Checkered Cookie Jar

The vintage Bartlett Collins milk glass cookie jar in particular has been soaring in price. The one below sold for $430 and other patterns of this same size and shape frequently sell for between $100 and $300! Who knew this checkered piece was worth so much?!

Via/ Ebay

3) Bread Boxes

Those neat old bread boxes today can fetch a pretty penny! The very large bread box below sold for $265 while other smaller and less flashy models can go for $50-100! This classic really has appreciated in value and even if you don’t make your own homemade bread, these are still quite handy to have around.

Via/ Ebay

2) Roseite Dishes

This pale pink version of jadeite rivals any of the other colors with its ethereal rose glow. This rare Fire King color was produced in the 1950s after Mamie Pink and the pink kitchens of the era had firmly entrenched pink as a ladies’ color. The teacup below recently sold for $972.00!

Via/ Ebay

1) Gold and Turquoise Pyrex

This extremely rare color combination is now the holy grail of Pyrex and some hefty prices now accompany these beautiful pieces. Casserole dishes in this color combo with the lids in excellent condition can sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Via/ Ebay

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