Featured Member Vintage Photos: September 30

Every once in a while at Dusty Old Thing we love to feature the antique and vintage photos uploaded by our readers.  Most are of treasured ancestors and their stories get woven into the fabric of who we are.  Tonight we'd like to just feature a sample.... 

"One more of my favorite old pictures, this would be my Great Great Uncle Levi Genson, picture taken during the Civil War.  Levi served in the Ohio volunteers and was also the first Genson buried in Sugar Grove cemetery , Ludington, Michigan which was the Genson family farm. He passed from "consumption" due to illness contracted during the war, I believe." -- Kelly Genson-Clark

"This dusty old photo and letter are now dust free and framed together after 120 years. Written in 1893, the letter is to my Grandfather from his Grandfather which provides a loving remembrance of both." -- John Wieneman

"My grandmother age 4 in 1908." -- Donna Ann Amrine

"This is a portrait of my Grandmother from my mothers side. She was 18 at the time of this photo in 1920. The best part is that I still have the ostrich feather collar in a tin and it is in remarkably good shape. She was a very pretty lady , inside and out!" -- Craig Sayer

Let's all treasure the photos we have and try to learn the stories of those long ago...