Featured Member Photos: August 30

Sometimes we just love to show off some of the wonderful antique and vintage photos that have been shared with us by readers on our Dusty Old Thing Facebook page.   It's always fascinating to see a bit of what life was like long ago. 

"My Great Grandfather, Joseph Glahn, was a German immigrant who came to America about 1840, was nationalized in 1850. He was a Gold miner in California, where he was successful. He was married in 1860 in KC, Missouri, then took his new bride to the gold fields of Colorado, then on to Montana, where he was bushwhacked and killed, leaving his 23 year old bribe and a two year old son, (my grandfather)." -- Frank Glahn

"Some of my relatives...Great, Great Aunt Olive and Uncle Ed Stone....on my grandmother's side." -- Derdre Merryman.

"My Great Grandfather (far right) on his Harley~1911" -- Jeanna MacFarlane Smith

"I love how they were using the quilt for their picnic. The lady on the right is my Great Aunt, Julia Hildebrand Knight, born 1901. This picture always makes me smile." -- Sharon Rodman Blazek

"This is my mother on the left, I love the old car, too. They were downtown Nashville, TN in the early 40's." -- Patti Spain Havlat

Thanks to everyone who has shared wonderful photos and memories with our antiques community at Dusty Old Thing.  It's so meaningful to share the stories!