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The Smells of Childhood- 11 Scents That Take Us Right Back

From neighborhood aromas to the more personal smells inside our homes, so many smells permeated childhood.Those are just a few of the smells that take us back anytime we get a whiff of them. We may have changed how we do things, but some things never fade- like the memories of campfires and Mom cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

6) Burning Leaves

Now a restricted or banned practice in many places, when we were kids burning leaves was a fall ritual that left the air scented with the smokey smell for weeks. We also loved the intense aroma of siting in a pile of leaves!

7) Mercurochrome

Getting a scrape or cut as kid often meant that the smell of Mercurochrome was soon to follow.

8) Noxzema

The cooling, tingling skin cream has been a hit with women for decades. That cobalt blue jar would come out and what soon followed was an unmistakeable menthol smell, more pleasant than Vapo-rub, but less appealing than a cream like Pond’s.

9) Play-Doh

That salty smell was like nothing else in the toy box. We must have spent hours each week creating an army of amorphous shapes out of Play-Doh!

The smells of childhood that take us right back!

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10) Homemade Jam Being Made

Grape jelly, strawberry jam, apple butter were some of the many delights that Mom used to make back in the day. There’s nothing quite like the smell of simmering fruit for hours- it filled the house with such a wonderful fragrance.

The smells of childhood that take us right back!

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11) Burnt Marshmallows

Marshmallows being toasted over an open fire on a stick, some of them getting burned, maybe there would be hot dogs, too! Raise your hand if you like your marshmallows extra charred!

The smells of childhood that take us right back!

Via/ Flickr

Not only were they powerful scents at the time, but smelling them again now will often bring back a flood of memories. Scent has been shown to be highly linked with the parts of the brain that control emotion, so it’s no surprise that these make us long for sunny fall afternoons burning leaves and trips to Grandma’s when we were young!

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