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America’s 10 Weirdest Tourist Attractions

With its classic cars, starlit motels and funky roadside diners, there’s little denying America’s unique culture. Meanwhile, the national fondness for kitsch has given way to some truly out-of-the-box tourist attractions, from “neon boneyards” crammed with iconic roadsigns to spaces devoted to UFO spotting and a roadside ranch filled with vintage cars. Read on for our favorite spots for offbeat U.S. travel, each of which is blessedly weird, but in a really good way.

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10. Jell-O Museum, New York

Filled with recipes, molds, memorabilia and original advertising art, this quirky museum is located upstate in LeRoy, New York, where “America’s most famous dessert” got its start.

Guided tours are available daily, and these volunteers are founts of gelatin enthusiasm and knowledge. For instance, did you know that Salt Lake City consumes more Jell-O than any other U.S. city? Neither did we, but such trivia could in handy at your next pub quiz night.

Where is the world’s only museum devoted to hair?

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