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10 Fads from the 1950s That Changed the Nation Forever

There are always new fads coming along and it’s easy to dismiss most of them since so many of them are gone before you know it. But, there are some trends that change the way we see things. After some of the biggest trends we changed how we ate, what we wore, and how we played in some very big ways! Have a look at 10 trends from the ’50s that changed the nation forever.

1) Everything Hawaiian & Tiki

America’s obsession with everything Hawaiian came to a head in the ’50s, with tiki designs, drinks, and music filling a whole new niche for consumers. It redefined what we think of as “tropical.” From the barkcloth designs that dominated our homes to the grand tiki style restaurants that popped up all over the country, it was a huge influence on the style of the ’50s and the destinations that tourists chose to visit.

10 Fads from the 1950s That Changed the Nation Forever

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2) American Bandstand

Without American Bandstand and Soul Train we would have no MTV. While all 3 certainly changed how young folks listened to music and which dances were popular, it was American Bandstand that started the trend. It was a show we simply couldn’t wait to see!

3) Hula Hoops

The iconic hula hoop brought fitness techniques into the home, a phenomenon that had been somewhat limited in years past. Plus, it was fun to do for both kids and adults. That must be why we’re still buying them today.

4) Barbie

Along with other fashion dolls like Stacy, Barbie changed the way girls played with toys and brought fashion to an even younger audience. No doubt our Betsy McCall dolls also helped us foster a love of fashion at young age as well.

10 Fads from the 1950s That Changed the Nation Forever

Via/ Flickr

5) Supermarkets

When supermarkets started springing up across the U.S. in the ’20s and ’30s there were may skeptics who thought nothing would replace the butchers and small groceries that had dominated the market for so long. Many people thought it was “just a fad,” but their rise to the top in ’50s proved they were here to stay. Just imagine how our shopping would be without supermarkets today!

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